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Horse Thief [Day 2035]


bottle of cider

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 209 – Total Days: 2,035

I really like the name of this cider. It was pretty good, too! Very dry, which was a nice change of pace from most ciders which are usually rather sweet.

Playground [Day 2034]



Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 208 – Total Days: 2,034

I was down in Solvang for the weekend for a friend’s birthday party, and today, a few of us went over to the nearby playground. Which happens to be one of the coolest playgrounds I’ve ever seen. It’s got all sorts of walkways, towers, bridges, and even a viking ship!

viking ship at playground

Westley [Day 2033]



Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 207 – Total Days: 2,033

Chair [Day 2032]


wooden chair against wall

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 206 – Total Days: 2,032

The texture and complimentary colors here are what really drew me towards photographing this.

Darn Dinosaurs! [Day 2031]


sticker that says, "darn dinosaurs" and has picture of t-rex eating a human

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 205 – Total Days: 2,031

Ok, that’s odd… But hilarious!

Comment Spam of the Week: July 24th


It’s time for another round of “Comment Spam of the Week!” Once again, more blocked comment spam from the blog, with my commentary, and hopefully you find it as entertaining as I do :-)


A few years ago I’d have to pay someone for this information.

  • You still do actually. I’ll be sending you an invoice right away.


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DANGER [Day 2030]


Sign that says, "Danger: Ninjas and pirates and lasers and shit

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 204 – Total Days: 2,030

A friend of mine runs his own business, Argent Data Systems, and I was over at his shop today helping him out with a giant order he recently received. While there, I noticed that he’s got one of the greatest warning signs I’ve ever seen. I mean, that’s some serious danger, right there. I probably should have worn a helmet or something.

Flowers on sidewalk [2029]


flowers on sidewalk

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 203 – Total Days: 2,029

Not much to say here. Just some flowers I spotted on the sidewalk while walking over to a friend’s house for dinner…

SLO Ren Faire 2014


SLO ren faire 2014: knights

This past Saturday, I went to the San Luis Obispo Renaissance Festival, which was celebrating its 30th Anniversary. It’s a great time full of ale, knights, costumes, ale, accents, jousts, swordfighting, ale, turkey legs, archery, falcons, ale, giant jenga, music, camaraderie, and oh, did I mention ale? ;-)

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D&D [Day 2028]


dungeons and dragons 5th edition starter set

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 202 – Total Days: 2,028

I may be a photographer, but I’m also a total geek on the side. Yep, I’ve been known to play some Dungeons and Dragons on occasion. It’s been awhile though. But with the new 5th Edition coming out this year, I’ve just had to check it out. Picked up the new boxed Starter Set last week and was able to start running a game this evening for some friends.

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