goat [Day 2059]



Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 233 – Total Days: 2,059

Fuji X100S | ISO 800 | 23mm | f/2.0 | 1/4000 sec

Met a friendly goat at the Avila Valley Barn.

spotted tree-stump [Day 2058]


spotted treestump

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 232 – Total Days: 2,058

Fuji X100S | ISO 250 | 23mm | f/5.6 | 1/1250 sec

Now, that is an unusual treestump… Found at the San Luis Obispo Botanical Gardens at El Chorro Regional Park.

jim’s campus camera [Day 2057]


jim's campus camera

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 231 – Total Days: 2,057

Fuji X100S | ISO 200 | 23mm | f/2.8 | 1/850 sec

Sadly, Jim’s Campus Camera closed early last year, but today I discovered that it still leaves its mark in the back alley ways of downtown.

cave light [Day 2056]


cave light

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 230 – Total Days: 2,056

Fuji X100S | ISO 3200 | 23mm | f/2.8 | 1/25 sec

No, I didn’t actually go spelunking today… This was taken at the SLO Children’s Museum.

red chair [Day 2055]


red plastic chair in front of fence

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 229 – Total Days: 2,055

Fuji X100S | ISO 200 | 23mm | f/2.8 | 1/900 sec

Westley’s First Haircut [Day 2054]


westley's first haircut

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 228 – Total Days: 2,054

Fuji X100S | ISO 3200 | 23mm | f/2.0 | 1/210 sec

Westley got his first haircut today and I was along to help document the occasion. It went pretty great, except that Westley was not on-board with wearing the cape. Oh well.

The barber was pretty great and a lot of fun. The shop itself is part of the men’s section of the Hepkat store in downtown San Luis Obispo, and it’s got a pretty retro 50’s (mixed with rockabilly) style to it. So of course, I had to do the photo with my very retro Fuji X100S.

penguin sales [Day 2053]


sticker that says "I need to sell a penguin"

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 227 – Total Days: 2,053

Fuji X100S | ISO 100 | 23mm | f/2.8 | 1/1250 sec

Is that even legal?

cart art [Day 2052]


unusually arranged shopping carts

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 226 – Total Days: 2,052

Fuji X100S | ISO 400 | 23mm | f/6.4 | 1/850 sec

One of the greatest things about always seeking out new photos is that there’s a greater chance in finding (and being interested in) weird stuff like this. Why are these carts positioned this way? I don’t know, but it sure is interesting…

Hyperion Hoop Photoshoot


led hoop

This past Sunday, I was doing some still photography during an instructional and demonstration video shoot for my friend Scott’s Hyperion Hoop (a programmable LED hula hoop) product. It’s pretty damn slick and the effects the hoops can do are quite amazing, especially when in the hands of some skilled hoopers like Gina, Ash, and Cailin.

I just delivered a large batch of shots yesterday, but I’ve included a few of my favorites throughout this blog post. Enjoy!

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red building [Day 2051]


red building

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 225 – Total Days: 2,051

Fuji X100S | ISO 200 | 23mm | f/5.6 | 1/600 sec

It was the style of this building, contrasted against the sky, that drew me towards photographing it. Taken during afternoon walk with Fuji X100S and processed in Adobe Lightroom.

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