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tools of the trade [2007]


tools of the trade [2007]

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 181 – Total Days: 2,007

Got my coffee, MacBook Air, and a copy of WordPress: the missing manual — that’s how you can tell it’s time to get to work!

beef stew [2006]


jars of beef stew

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 180 – Total Days: 2,006

Today I:

  • Found out how to enable nested comments on the site
  • Installed a plug-in to provide a good pagination display
  • Chatted with some friends
  • Went to club member wine release event at Edna Valley Winery (where I took today’s photo)
  • Grocery shopping at CostCo
  • Ran 5K and got a personal record: 9:23 min/mile pace!

All-in-all, an excellent day!

June 28th Photowalk [2005]


Collage of 10 photos from photowalk

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 179 – Total Days: 2,005

Today I made sure to get in some good quality time with my new Canon 6D (see my first impressions here) by doing a nice little photowalk around the neighborhood. I ended up choosing 10 photos I liked and that I knew I’d display here, but when it came time to pick just one of them to be the official Photo of the Day, I got stuck…

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Canon 6D: First Impressions


close up of Canon 6D camera

So as you’ve perhaps seen, I got myself a new Canon 6D a few days ago in celebration of both my birthday and my 2,000th consecutive Photo-a-Day. (Plus, this week managed to get the extra bonus of the new website launch. What a week!)

While I haven’t had too much opportunity to do extensive shooting with it yet, I’ve at least done enough for a few quick first impressions. And note that I’ve been shooting with a Canon 50D for the past five years, so everything will be presented from the perspective of that. Here goes!

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objects in mirror [2004]


photo of camera looking at car side mirror
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Thanks to all the hubbub and work put into getting the new www.brianjmatis.com site up and running, I haven’t had much chance to actually play around with my new Canon 6D. What a shame! At least I got to use it for yesterday and Tuesday’s photos, and today, I spent a few minutes wandering outside this evening to start getting more of a feel for it. I’ll be posting some initial impressions of it on the site very soon!

I’ll say one thing for it right now though: it’s definitely a bit of a narcissistic camera. See how it just had to do a selfie using whatever handy mirror was nearby ;-)

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 178 – Total Days: 2,004

Quick News: Apple Kills Aperture and iPhoto


Woah! Glad I went with Lightroom back when I had to make the choice between it and Aperture. Kind of a shame though, Aperture was pretty cool and I like that it had a much more flexible workflow than Lightroom does. But it just ran much slower than Lightroom did on the same hardware…

www.brianjmatis.com launch! [2003]


MacBook Air laptop showing new www.brianjmatis.com website
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Today was a big day: I launched my new website at www.brianjmatis.com!

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Launch day!


Screenshots of brianjmatis.com website

I’m pleased to announce the official re-launch of www.brianjmatis.com!

“Re-launch? I didn’t even know there was a www.brianjmatis.com, or if I did know, I didn’t realize you still cared about it. I just thought your flickr was the place to see your photos.”

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Canon 6D [2002]


Canon 6DView full size

Today is my birthday! So in honor of that, combined with having just recently completed my two thousandth photo of the day, I got a new camera: the Canon 6D. That’s right, now I can shoot full frame. :-D

Plus, since my 50D is still going pretty stong, I can now have two cameras at events so I don’t need to change lenses :-)

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 176 – Total Days: 2,002

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