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If Brian J. Matis were the sort of person who’d talk about himself in the third person and write a biography, this is exactly where you would find that information. However, Brian is not that sort of person. Instead, he is the sort of person that takes photographs.

In fact, he creates at least one photograph every single day (and has now done so for almost 3,000 days straight.)

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Brian’s work has appeared in numerous places both online and in print, including:

  • The New Times – San Luis Obispo
  • The Tribune – San Luis Obispo
  • Make Magazine
  • Ars Technica
  • Boing Boing
  • Wired.com
  • Mint.com’s MintLife blog
  • Discover Magazine’s But Not Simpler blog
  • Tested.com

And his work has also been on display at:

  • The Steynberg Gallery
  • Starbucks
  • TransUnion Interactive


Attempting to tread an artistic path is a journey made only by crazy people and people with a whole lot of support. While Brian may well fall into the former category, at least he’s also got the latter one covered. He wouldn’t be anywhere if it wasn’t for some of the incredible encouragement he’s received over the years. Whether it was by haranguing him for a photoshoot, hiring him for an event, providing positive words, favoriting a lot of photos, or being a source of inspiration; it’s all been tremendously appreciated.

Brian wishes he could name them all, but it’s late and he’s tired, so here’s a few to get you started: Amy, Joel, Willow, & Westley Watkins, Lauren & Joe Parzanese, Brian Herbst, Mike Soliman, Angela Henderson, Joel Schmaeman, Rick & Fran Castello, Gina Miranda, Lauren Blomberg, Krishna Martins, Hank Hatcher, Marie & Emir Sky, David Madanat, John Hostetter, Jess Cheda, Robin & Thomas Disbrow, Manuel & Jessica Valle, Lewis & Michelle Call, Amanda & Candace Carpenter, Ariel & Austin Garatoni, Morgan Mathewson, Rebecca & Josh Martin, Marlene Bickleman, Melinda Keller, Jeff Hatch, Sandy Peace, Chris Crawford, Cassie Hetrick, Erica & Paulette Miller, Mike & Lucy Watkins, Julie Fallon, Sarryh & William Ouderkirk, David Hernandez, Kitton Harpain, Katja Gee, Heather Pedersen, Elinor Dempsey, Preston Johnson, Bill Selak, Brian Gautrey, Cecilie Sønsteby, the EtherealFX crew (Jessi, Robyn, & MJ), the Party Robotics team (Pierre, Rob, Erin, & Garran), and Steve E. Miller. Plus also, the entire Euphoria list, if you haven’t already been named!

Extra special thanks to Greg Junell, who once, while looking at some of my photos told me, “this is what you should be doing.” Thanks, Greg. I’m just trying to keep Stoking the World in your absence. And to Eileen Matis, my aunt and a great photographer in her own right, who encouraged me greatly, but like Greg, also passed far too soon.

Extra, extra special thanks to Joe & Regina Matis, my wonderful parents. Dad, I remember seeing you with your giant camera and bandoleer of film rolls so frequently during our travels in Germany and throughout Europe when I was a kid. It must have rubbed off! (But I’m thankful I don’t need film these days.) And Mom, thanks for your religious devotion to my photo-a-day and your constant encouragement. It’s helped keep me going, because even if I only had an audience of one, it’d still be worth it!

Damn, it must be late, I’ve slipped into first person…

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