Portrait: Laura


Last fall, I had the chance to do some photo work for a local lawyer’s office. They were handling an estate with some vintage cars that were going up for auction and photos of the vehicles were needed. The cars were fun subjects to shoot, and the payday was nice, too! My contact on dealing with all of this was Laura, and it was a pleasant surprise when she contacted me recently to see if I could handle some personal headshots needed for an event she was part of. As someone that has largely been at the hobby level of photography, it’s rather nice when someone you don’t really know comes back to you with repeat business because they liked the first job you did for them!

We arranged to handle the shoot at her office (I even managed to lug all the studio equipment up the elevator in one trip) and it was a great time. The space we had to work in–a conference room–was pretty small and crowded, what with a big conference table and chairs taking up most of the space, but we made it work. Besides, it was just a headshot, so the needs weren’t too complex. It did, however, mean that I wasn’t able to get her positioned as far from the backdrop as I would have liked in order to help keep shadows and creases in the cloth out of the shot. So, the background wasn’t quite as I would have liked, but that gave me a great chance to practice some Photoshop techniques for cleaning it up, and I’m glad I had that opportunity! It meant I ended up adding in some Photoshopped “light spill” to help make sure the cleaned up background still blended nicely with the subject and I loved how it turned out. Here’s the shot that was my favorite, and to be honest, sharing this is really the only reason I wanted to even make this post!

Canon 6D | ISO 200 | 50mm | f/6.3 | 1/100 sec
Lit with one AlienBees B400, bounced into umbrella at camera left

Of course, what really helped was how Laura’s fantastic expression and pose worked so well with the angle of the light. I hope you (and Laura!) like it as much as I do :-)

You remind me of the babe… [Day 2123]


Labyrinth costume photoshoot

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 297 – Total Days: 2,123

Canon 6D with EF 24-105mm f/4L IS Lens| ISO 100 | 65mm | f/4.0 | 1/160 sec | Lit with AlienBees B400 flash units. Main at camera left through umbrella at 1/8 power. Second overhead behind subject at 1/16.

Can you guess the movie that Lauren and her daughter, Tiffany’s, costumes are from? That’s right, it’s the 1986 Jim Henson classic: Labyrinth. Only this time, instead of David Bowie’s Goblin King, Lauren is more of a Goblin Queen. Great costumes and a fun shoot, even if Tiffany isn’t quite so great at following direction ;-)

Bonus photo below!

labyrinth costume photoshoot

Hyperion Hoop Photoshoot


led hoop

This past Sunday, I was doing some still photography during an instructional and demonstration video shoot for my friend Scott’s Hyperion Hoop (a programmable LED hula hoop) product. It’s pretty damn slick and the effects the hoops can do are quite amazing, especially when in the hands of some skilled hoopers like Gina, Ash, and Cailin.

I just delivered a large batch of shots yesterday, but I’ve included a few of my favorites throughout this blog post. Enjoy!

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Newborn Studio Shoot for Tiffany



A few weeks ago, I did a studio photoshoot for my friend Lauren and her new daughter, Tiffany. The shot I posted on that day was pretty awesome, but there were plenty of other good ones as well, and now they’re ready. Have a look!

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Tiffany [Day 2023]


newborn baby

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 197 – Total Days: 2,023

Last week I had the great honor of photographing Lauren and Joe’s new daughter, Tiffany, which I did on location over at their place. But today was extra cool because Lauren and Tiffany came over to my place where I could use the studio for a shoot with them. I love getting to use my off-camera flash setup and to have a plain backdrop to work with.

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Newborn Photoshoot – Tiffany


newborn sleeping

Had a wonderful opportunity to photograph a newborn earlier this week! Meet Tiffany, daughter to my friends, Lauren and Joe, whose wedding I had the honor of shooting last year. All throughout Lauren’s pregnancy, she’s come by once every few weeks to get a maternity progress photo done, which was a great project, and so it’s very nice to finally get to meet Tiffany. She just turned three weeks old today!

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Brian [Day 2016]


Brian [Day 2016]

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 190 – Total Days: 2,016

My friend, Brian (who’s got a great first name, BTW), came over this evening for a quick professional-style portrait shoot. This one here was a warm up shot, and while I don’t think it’ll serve for his intended purpose, it’s pretty fun and probably one of my favorites from the shoot. Just goes to show that zany can often work pretty well :-)

Tiffany [Day 2014]


Black and white photo of newborn

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 188 – Total Days: 2,014

Last year, I had the honor of shooting Lauren and Joe’s wedding. And now, I’ve got the honor of photographing their new daughter, Tiffany! She’s just under three weeks old and the shoot was very interesting. I’ve got very little experience photographing newborns, so it’s nice to have a friend’s to practice on :-D

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