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MacBook Air laptop showing new www.brianjmatis.com website
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Today was a big day: I launched my new website at www.brianjmatis.com!

So of course, photo of the day needed to commemorate that. So here’s a shot of my MacBook Air, displaying part of the site. The site will be the new primary home for my photo of the day, but if you’re seeing this on flickr, I’m not going to just quit cold-turkey over there. Both will be running photo of the day, but www.brianjmatis.com will have a lot more, such as: original articles about photography (plus a few other topics like running and technology); links to stories, articles, and tutorials that grab my interest; gear impressions; and more!

I hope you’ll check it out and that I can win you over as a regular viewer! Once again, it’s at:


Oh, and if you ever try to recreate something like today’s photo, don’t drive yourself crazy by trying to expose for both the computer and the screen display. It won’t work. Light it and expose for the computer, and Photoshop in the screenshot. That’s a free protip, from me to you. (Although I suppose you could try to light it at exactly the same light level as the screen, but you know what? That sounds like a complete pain. Plus, the moire patterns in the screen will probably mess it up anyway. I like my way.)

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 177 – Total Days: 2,003


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