Still Alive!


Wow! It’s been far too long since posting anything here. I kept meaning to add some new content, but kept putting it off. Amidst the constant work of my day job, this site just hadn’t been a priority at all. But having recently been hit in a major layoff has freed up some time (how’s that for a silver lining?) Now I’m taking the chance to get caught up on a lot of photography projects, housework, reading, and video games before deciding what to do next, as well as figuring out how I’d like to handle this site for the future. I certainly know I want to keep it around, but also that doing constant blogging isn’t something I’m super interested in. Nor is this a great place for my daily photo project (that’s still handled on Flickr.)

In any case, it’s been nice to at least get logged back in, apply some patches, and write a new post!

And here’s a recent photograph for good measure:

On a recent trip to Hanford, CA for Thanksgiving, we met the “midnight rooster”. So called because he would start crowing at midnight. It was very annoying…

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