Rebecca Purple


Purple color swatch

You may recall from a recent photo of the day that I was very touched and saddened by the loss of Eric Meyer’s 6 year old daughter, Rebecca. Eric was a complete stranger to me, I only know of him through his writings on CSS, but it’s impossible to not feel your own heart break in sympathy for him. Especially considering how open, honest, and raw his blog posting on the subject have been.

While only time can heal such heartache (and never fully), there was a least some measure of happiness when I learned today that the effort to have the color #663399 (a shade of purple) be added to the CSS named color list under the label “rebeccapurple” was recently approved.

It’s nice to know that while the world can bring about such awfulness, we humans have the capacity to bring about some measure of comfort and decency when we try.


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