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One of the more “entertaining” aspects of having a blog is the comment spam. When I first launched the site, I left off any sort of spam catching system because I just wanted to see what happened and how soon spam might start appearing. At first, it was pretty clear. Last week, there was a slight trickle. But then, starting about this past Sunday, the deluge finally hit.

Fortunately, the wonderful Akismet spam-blocking plug-in comes standard with WordPress so I finally enabled it Monday morning. It’s been doing a great job! There’s 194 comments sitting in the spam bin already.

But I actually find some of the comment part of the spam to be pretty funny. So I thought it might be fun to go through and post some of my favorites (all sanitized to not include the actual spam links themselves, of course) along with my commentary. I hope you find them as amusing as I do!

Hahahaha. I’m not too bright today. Great post!

– Hahahaha. I’m guessing you’re not too bright any day, spambot!


Articles like this really grease the shafts of knowledge.

– “Grease the shafts” isn’t really a phrase I’d use in polite company…


This info is the cat’s pajamas!

– Oh, I like that this spambot is trying to bring back the phrase “the cat’s pajamas!”


There’s a terrific amount of knowledge in this article!

– Wow! I’m glad you found the default “Hello World” post so informative!


That’s not just the best answer. It’s the bestest answer!

– And yours isn’t just the worst comment. It’s the worstest comment!


Ok, that’s all for now. Time to delete ’em and see what comes up for next week :-)


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