The Last of Us [Day 2037]


screenshot from The Last of Us video game

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 211 – Total Days: 2,037

The Last of Us is a video game for the PlayStation system that came out last year and has been regarded by many as masterpiece. Like many games, it’s set in a post-zombie-apocalypse, but unlike many others, it’s acclaimed as an artistic achievement for its gripping story and deep characterization. Having heard of its depressing and oppressive nature, (even compared to being like a video game version of Cormac McCarthy’s harrowing novel The Road) I’ve been a bit intimated by it and never gotten around to checking it out.

But yesterday, the Remastered version of it was released for the PlayStation 4, and so I’ve finally given it a try and can now attest to its remarkable quality. It is indeed a gripping and haunting game, so much so that binge-playing it may not be the wisest idea for my own mental well-being. There is a definite bleakness to the world and while the violence in it comes across as a necessary act of survival, it also has a weightiness to it that is morally troubling. A strong and rare accomplishment for a video game, if I may say so.

Fortunately, my controller battery started to give out, so I took a break and watched Shawn of the Dead to lighten the mood a bit.

One of the great new features in this Remastered edition of the game is the camera mode. While it may be a bleak and oppressive setting, it is nonetheless a beautiful game, full of impeccable art design and a technical graphical prowess to match. So I couldn’t help but let today’s photo of the day be taken with the in-game camera mode, as well as to throw in a few extra shots. All photos taken within the game and with some additional post-processing in Adobe Lightroom.

The Last of Us™ Remastered_20140730142520 The Last of Us™ Remastered_20140730143517 The Last of Us™ Remastered_20140730160406screenshot from The Last of Us video game



  • Amy

    Nice photos and it looks like a beautiful game. Thanks for sharing!

    July 31, 2014

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