Fuji X100S [Day 2043]


Fuji X100s

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 217 – Total Days: 2,043

My Canon 6D is like a truck: a heavy-duty, high performance, serious piece of machinery. Useful when there’s some heavy photographic lifting to do. But along with that, it’s bulky, heavy, and attracts attention. I’ve been reading a lot about mirrorless, micro 4/3rds cameras (clarification: the Fuji X100S isn’t a micro 4/3rds camera, it was just that reading about high-end smaller camera like those had lead me towards learning about the Fuji) , and finally decided on adding the Fuji X100S to my arsenal. It’s the sporty convertible to my DSLR “truck” and it’s got a great retro style to it.

Today’s photo of the day (the self portrait above) and the next few shots are all straight out of camera (well, except for a bit of cropping and a horizontal flip in the self portrait), which is unusual for me. I tend to go for the control of shooting in RAW and doing all the processing myself in Lightroom. But in the spirit of a simpler, sportier camera, I thought I’d start off with letting it handle the JPEG conversion and tried out using the B&W with red filter style.


water meter

flower pot

The next two shots however, did get some further editing and touch-up in Lightroom and Photoshop.


jacaranda leaves

It’s only been a brief test run, but I’ve got high hopes for this little camera as a great one to use for when I’m just out walking around or travelling somewhere.


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