Student Robotics Expo [Day 2098]



Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 272 – Total Days: 2,098

Canon 6D | ISO 1000 | 73 mm | f/4.0 | 1/250 sec

Tonight was the 6th Annual Student Robotics Expo here in San Luis Obispo. It was great! There were all sorts of robots. My favorites were probably the ones shown above that could pick up large balls and launch them.

There were also Lego Robots, underwater robots, a robot battle arena, and even a police bomb disposal robot. I definitely love the fact that so many schools now have robotics clubs and took the chance to share their fun creations with the community.

Bonus photos below!

robot exporobotExpo-05robotExpo-06

I love getting photos of people taking photos ;-)


Even the news was there!

robotExpo-01 robotExpo-02

Robot battle arena!

robotExpo-03robotExpo-12robotExpo-09 robotExpo-10

The police bomb disposal robot wasn’t messing around. That thing is seriously awesome! I wonder if it gets hazard pay…

robotExpo-11 robotExpo-07

Westley is a huge fan of robots, and was totally thrilled to see them in action :-)


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