Diego’s Umbrella [Day 2025]


Diego's Umbrella in concert

Photo-a-Day: Year 6, Day 199 – Total Days: 2,025

Went to the Concerts in the Plaza today where Diego’s Umbrella was playing, and it was packed! Clearly a very popular band. Made it much harder to get up close to grab a few shots, but I gave it a solid effort. One downside to my new 6D though is that it doesn’t work with my 250mm zoom. It’s the one lens I have that’s a smaller EF-S mount and the 6D is so fancy it only works with EF mount lenses. This means I can’t zoom in as much as I might like. Oh well… It’s good to practice shooting with a different style, but I’ll still definitely need to get a long zoom for this new camera.

As for the band, I was a little miffed that they had no umbrellas. Kinda doubt that anyone is even named Diego… Good music though! Gypsy rock they call it, and yes, that’s an apt description. Plenty of fun — I see why so many of my friends are big fans.

Bonus photos below:

Diego's Umbrella in concert

Diego's Umbrella-2

Diego's Umbrella-3


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