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ren faire photo

Above: Victor of the Hound’s Haven Guild, looking quite contemplative (and not to mention, suave.)

I’ll be going to the San Luis Obispo Renaissance Faire tomorrow, so it seemed like today would be a good time for a little blast from the past, by showcasing some photos I took at last year’s.

One of the great things about going to Faire and hanging out with a guild is the delicious food!

ren fair photo - food

Clearly, Mary agrees as Fran helps her to chow down on a massive turkey leg.

ren fair photo - fran and mary

And after that, she clearly needs to wash it down with some ale. Wait, what? Isn’t she a little young for that? Well, what happens at Faire, stays at Faire.

ren fair photo: mary having a drink

But then, James decides he’s got to outdo her. Look at that size of that tankard! That’ll hold enough ale to last you at least an hour! ;-)

ren faire photo: james drinking from giant tankard

Ok, that’s enough commentary for now, here’s just a bunch of other photos:

ren faire photos

ren fair photo: willow on horse

ren fair photos

ren faire photo: willow with face paint

ren faire 2013-08

ren faire photos

ren faire 2013-09

And to top it off, here’s a baby with oversized sunglasses:

ren faire photos: westley with sunglasses

Looking forward to seeing what I can get tomorrow!


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