but first, wine… [Day 2218]


wine menu

Photo-a-Day: Year 7, Day 27 – Total Days: 2,218

iPhone 5S | ISO 320 | 4.15mm | f/2.2 | 1/15 sec

Had dinner at a new place downtown this evening: the Foremost Wine Company, on a recommendation from a friend. Dinner was braised duck leg on a parsnip puree, paired with a nice Mourvedre. And for dessert, there was an olive oil cake with Meyer lemon, topped with crème fraiche and paired with a delicious Sauterne. Yum!

And the way they presented the wine pairings (by listing them on a sheet of vellum overlaying the menu) was pretty clever!

untitled [Day 2217]



Photo-a-Day: Year 7, Day 26 – Total Days: 2,217

Canon 6D | ISO 200 | 50mm | f/2.8 | 1/1000 sec

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of photographing this bush. Especially not when the tiny little flowers on it start budding.

Terrace Hill [Day 2216]


Terrace Hill Panorama

Photo-a-Day: Year 7, Day 25 – Total Days: 2,216

Fuji X100s | ISO 200 | 23mm | f/8.0 | 1/220 sec | Panorama Mode

Did a nice little hike up to Terrace Hill this morning. Even though it wasn’t really the right time of day for a landscape shot, I still decided to try out the panorama mode on the Fuji.

BBQ planter [Day 2215]


BBQ planter

Photo-a-Day: Year 7, Day 24 – Total Days: 2,215

Fuji X100s | ISO 400 | 23mm | f/2.0 | 1/220 sec

The juxtaposition of nature overtaking man-made elements will always captivate me.

keyboard light trails [Day 2214]


keyboard light trails

Photo-a-Day: Year 7, Day 23 – Total Days: 2,214

Fuji X100s | ISO 6400 | 23mm | f/2.0 | 0.5 sec

Sometimes, when you’ve got no idea what to do for photo of the day and it’s getting late, you manage to get a bit creative…

I did this one by aiming at my glowing computer keyboard, setting a slow shutter speed,moving the camera in a couple of different ways, and picking the one with the most interesting movement pattern.

selfie [Day 2213]



Photo-a-Day: Year 7, Day 22 – Total Days: 2,213

Fuji X100s | ISO 4000 | 23mm | f/2.0 | 1/90 sec

races [Day 2212]


racing plaque

Photo-a-Day: Year 7, Day 21 – Total Days: 2,212

Canon 6D | ISO 200 | 50mm | f/4.5 | 1/125 sec

I recently got this nice wall plaque for hanging my assorted racing medals and bibs. Now I finally have a great place to put that stuff and display it nicely :-)

donut day [Day 2211]



Photo-a-Day: Year 7, Day 20 – Total Days: 2,211

iPhone 5S | ISO 200 | 4.15mm | f/2.2 | 1/30 sec | Processed with Camera+ App

Today was bagel and donut day at work. One of the people who works remotely commented in group chat that she wanted a donut, so I quickly took this photo of mine and posted it as a response ;-)

beam of sunlight across moss [Day 2210]


beam of sunlight across moss

Photo-a-Day: Year 7, Day 19 – Total Days: 2,210

Canon 6D | ISO 640 | 300mm | f/5.6 | 1/320 sec

willow with butterfly [Day 2209]


willow with butterfly

Photo-a-Day: Year 7, Day 18 – Total Days: 2,209

Canon 6D | ISO 400 | 85mm | f/4.0 | 1/640 sec

Went to the Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove with friends today, which has become an annual tradition. Today’s trip got an extra special photo opportunity when a docent came by and put a butterfly on Willow. How cool is that?!

We also did a nice little hike from the butterfly grove, through the campgrounds behind it, and out to the beach. Made for a great photowalk, as evidenced below:

monarch butterflies monarch butterflies path at monarch butterfly groveegretrock wall with pipe water runoffsucculents surferpismo beach

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